[Employee Interview Vol.1] What is FootBank Systems like from the perspective of an IT engineer and public relations officer in his fifth year at the company?

We interviewed actual employees about the company atmosphere and working style!

In the first episode, we asked Rikako Takagi, a systems engineer who has been with the company for five years and also works in charge of public relations, to talk about FootBank Systems!

From another industry to the IT world – the start of a new adventure full of learning and challenges

- Why did you decide to join the company?

The main reason I decided to join FootBank Systems was because they offered support for me to attend IT school for three months.
In my previous job, I worked as an eye examiner, adjusting contact lenses, testing eyesight, and adjusting glasses, but attending private schools can be quite expensive, so the idea of being able to learn while receiving a salary was appealing.
Another attractive feature is the company culture that allows me to take on challenges freely, and currently, while I am working as an IT engineer, I am also able to be involved in the management aspects of the company.
It's actually quite difficult to do, but I don't think there are many environments that allow you to take on challenges like this.

Gaps and growth, changing the way you think about IT engineers

- Did you feel any gap between your previous job and before and after joining this company?

Yes, I especially noticed a difference in the atmosphere both inside and outside the company.
What makes it different from other jobs is that it requires engineering-like precision.
For better or worse, he is serious and sincere.
You have to think thoroughly and logically, and in the end it's always either 0 or 1. You have to keep asking questions until you find the answer. Logical thinking is important, and at first it was hard for me to get used to it.

A comfortable workplace, generous vacations, a friendly work environment and an attractive community

- Company atmosphere and environment

Although accuracy and logic in work are strict, the workplace itself is friendly and employees get along well with each other, making it a good environment. The relationship with the president and executives is flat, so you can consult with them easily and there is no sense of a hierarchical relationship.
The team I belong to has individual meetings every month where we discuss our career plans.

The head office is small, but it is a free address system with dual monitors on each desk. There are also two wooden meeting boxes, so you can hold online meetings comfortably without worrying about your surroundings, making it an ideal environment for remote work.
At the head office, employees are free to consume alcohol, soft drinks, snacks, etc.
After work, I get together with my colleagues and enjoy drinking parties, board games, games on the big screen, etc. to deepen communication. The other day, after the year-end party, we held a soccer game tournament on PS5, which was a lot of fun.
Recently, practicing guitar has become a hobby of mine, and I've been getting lessons from people at the office and playing the guitar.

- Vacation system

Footbank Systems has a vacation system called flextime, which allows employees to take 15 days of vacation each year in addition to their paid vacation. Combined with paid vacation, employees can take up to one month of vacation, and I think the company has an atmosphere that makes it easy to take vacations. However, the actual vacation time you take depends largely on the client project you are assigned to.

- Company events and club activities

Currently I am the one in charge of running it, but since the coronavirus outbreak we have been increasing the number of events.
We invite external professional coaches to provide coaching and team building services. Employees can also receive individual coaching on a regular basis. As a system engineer and public relations officer, this is a great opportunity to keep myself motivated and to organize what I need to do.
For recreational activities, we often have barbecues and drinking parties, but we also plan sports spectator events for employees who are interested in sports. Last year, we started a camping club and enjoyed two camping trips in the fall.

- Support and feedback from leaders and superiors

In the annual performance evaluation interview, we check the goals and results, and we receive feedback and connect it to the next goal. In addition, we can consult about careers at the regular department meetings and receive specific advice.

Behind the scenes of one man's role in both systems development and PR

- About the department or team you are currently working in

I belong to the System Development Department and also work in charge of Public Relations.
The project I am currently working on is a team of five people, including myself, the project manager, and two support members. I am currently in charge of OJT, and I am in a position to teach people who, like me, joined the company from other industries. I still feel that I am inexperienced both as a systems engineer and as an OJT, but I learn a lot by teaching others, and every day is fulfilling.

I am currently in charge of public relations alone, but I work closely with the president, executives, and other employees.

- Job you are in charge of

In system development work, we start with defining requirements, and are currently in the development phase, coding, etc., with testing and release planned for the future. The technologies we use are mainly JAVA, Oracle database, etc., and we are building a web system on a Linux server.
In the Public Relations department, I am responsible for all PR activities both inside and outside the company, including planning and holding events inside and outside the company, and updating social media to disseminate information and build our brand.

What does FootBank Systems mean to you?

FootBank has three principles: "Create a world where anyone can have a dream," "Enjoy contributing," and "Be a good person." Of these, I especially like the principle of "Enjoy contributing."
I feel that the idea of contributing to society while also having fun together is firmly established as a value in this company.
At Footbank, we have employees with a variety of values compared to other companies, including the president, people from other industries like me, and people of foreign nationality, but I feel that we respect each individual's individuality. To me, Footbank Systems is a place where each individual can be themselves and gather whenever they want.

Footbank Systems Co., Ltd. is looking for people to work with us.
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