[Employee Interview Vol.2] What is FootBank Systems like from the perspective of an IT engineer in her fifth year at the company who has experienced maternity and childcare leave?

We interviewed actual employees about the company atmosphere and working style!

In the second episode, we spoke to Naomi Matsui, who joined the company from another industry five years ago and recently returned to work from maternity leave and childcare leave, about Footbank Systems.


From another industry to the IT industry...a job filled with new encounters and learning opportunities

- Why did you choose the IT industry?

In my previous job, I worked as a medical administrator, and when I was using the system at the hospital, there were many times when I felt that if there were other functions, the efficiency of work would increase. I thought that if I could create a system that incorporated the things I felt when I was working on-site, I could create a system that would allow current employees to work more smoothly, and I began to become interested in how systems worked, and I started to feel that I wanted to work in the IT industry.

- How did you feel when you actually entered the systems industry?

I attended IT school for two months, and then I was assigned to work at my department, but I was often asked to be precise and responsible in each process, and I had a lot of worries at first. As I worked, I was able to learn how to communicate, and I began to feel a sense of accomplishment when I saw the things I coded and the bugs I found during testing being reflected and working.
Also, by acquiring accuracy at my first job, I have been able to utilize it in the jobs I have entered since. When I was attending IT school, I learned that "communication is important," and that lesson is still very useful to me today.

- What kind of work do you do?

In my system development work, the first project I was involved in was adding LINE functionality to a web system. I experienced everything from the testing phase to release, and learned that it is an important process to check whether the system created in the development process meets the functional requirements and operates correctly according to the specifications and design.
After that, I developed and tested an app using Swift, and felt the joy and satisfaction of actually running the program I had created.

Currently, I am working on branding as a public relations officer, and I am also designing and producing bags and T-shirts.

After taking parental leave… FootbankSystems’ work environment and vacation policy

- What is the atmosphere and environment like within the company?

Some people have just returned from maternity leave, so it's been two years since I last met them, but the homey feeling hasn't changed, and I think the atmosphere is great and easy to get along with. After I found out I was pregnant, I had severe morning sickness and couldn't come to work, so I went on maternity leave, but even then they responded quickly and were very helpful. I was worried about whether I would be able to go back to work as soon as I returned, but they understood that and assigned me work that would allow me to gradually get used to it, so I can't thank them enough. The relationship with the president is also close, so I think it's an environment where it's easy to communicate what you want to do.

- What about working conditions within the company (vacations, etc.)?

It depends on the site and project, but even if it is difficult to come to the office, you can work from home, and in addition to paid leave, the company has its own vacation system called refreshment leave. The fact that you can freely decide your arrival and departure times is also very helpful for those with children, and I think it is a great environment.

- How do you want to work from now on?

I've had a two-year hiatus and I'm a bit nervous, so I'll start by getting my senses back (laughs), but I want to study so that I can become an engineer who can be trusted with anything from design to release. In addition to my knowledge of IT, I'll also be involved in public relations work, so I'd like to work on updating SNS so that people who are interested in the IT industry can learn about FootbankSystems, as well as planning events and doing other things related to human resources. I'd also like to be able to plan events that can be held within the company, so that even employees' families can participate.


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