camp training

I went to camp training during the empty season!

There are many employees at Foot Bank Systems who love the outdoors.
Meanwhile, we held a camp and team building event to recruit participants!

in nature

I, Takagi, chose to stay in a tent, setting up the tent myself and experiencing a sense of unity with nature.
The other members stayed comfortably in the trailer house and spent the night in a warm space surrounded by wooden walls.


The best part of camping is the bonfire.
To start the fire, the firewood is finely chopped using a knife method called batoning.

Once the fire is lit, it's time to grill the sausages on skewers.
The skewers used are also made from split firewood.

I want beer.

camping night

At night, all the members gather around the fire and quietly put work-related matters aside.
We had a great time talking about old memories and hobbies.
I feel like I was able to discover a new side of myself in the flickering light of the flames.

After camping

I believe that through this camp, our teamwork and mutual understanding have further improved.
By supporting each other and having fun together, it was a valuable time where we could get a glimpse of the sides of each of us that cannot be seen through work alone.
I hope that the small discoveries and heartwarming interactions that I would normally overlook will have a positive impact on my future work.

The importance of refreshing yourself in nature

Now that I'm back at the office after camping, the scenery I remember between my desk work is an important way to take a break. I would like to reaffirm the importance of refreshing myself in nature and make the most of it.