Football coaching

Former Brazil national football team player Françoaldo Sena de Souza (commonly known as França) jauntily appeared in a soccer class.

Today's topic is shooting practice especially in situations where FW is difficult

Click here for this practice pattern! !!


Shoot from the situation where the ball bounces and is passed!


Shoot when you receive a pass at an unfavorable angle! (Including when you are not your dominant foot)


Positioning shoot with an awareness of offside lines!


Practice checking the position of the enemy with your hands while protecting the ball!

I was happy to be able to convey everything I learned in my soccer life to the wonderfully talented Japanese children.

It's great to be able to teach and cooperate not only for the purpose of becoming a professional soccer player, but above all through soccer to be a wonderful person.

Everyone, please make your dreams come true.

Francois Senna de Souza