Flutter course (basic course 1) 2nd

Technology seminar

Event schedule

Date and time: 10/13 19: 30-21: 00
Participation target : Footbank Systems employees
Contents: Flutter Seminar (Basic Course 1) 2nd

Advance preparations:
・ You can read a little about Dart in the materials I created earlier or online.
・ Installation and settings as described in the documents
・ Installation of Flutter
・ Installation of Android Studio
・ JDK (Java Development Kit) Ver.15
・ Android Studio environmental settings
・ Preparation of emulator (Android 11)

First time: Introduction:
・ Overview of Dart
・ Verification of development environment
・ How to use Android Studio
Second time: Basic configuration:
Basics in how to use widgets
・ What is a widget?
・ Testing using widgets
Third time: Database
Basics in how to use Hive
・ What is Hive?
・ Creating a sample application using Hive
Fourth time: Expansion
Introducing useful libraries