Customizable cash register system

■ Main functions
・ Customizable input items support special work and materials
・ Touch input
・ Output of receipts, receipts, rental slips, etc.
・ Daily aggregation and output of aggregated data

■ Effect of introduction
・ Efficiency of cash register input
・ Improved accuracy of cash register input
・ Improved investigation of the cause when a problem occurs (input history can be checked and output at any time)
・ Efficiency of business analysis
・ Centralization of paper output functions such as receipts, receipts, daily summary tables, and loan slips

■ Introduction example <Sekkotsuin>
・ It became possible to input special work and materials for the osteopathic clinic at the cash register, and it was possible to consolidate the work that had been done on paper until then.
・ By outputting detailed receipts, receipts, rental slips, etc., we were able to eliminate handwriting work.
・ Daily tabulation results make it easier to quantify business conditions.
-Since the input history can be checked on the screen, it is now possible to respond immediately when a problem occurs.