Basic training

Basic training for inexperienced people.
Acquire the business skills necessary in the IT industry, such as business etiquette and programming basics.

period1 to 3 months after joining the company
reach skill
  • business manner
  • basic programming skills
  • How to approach work within a project
  • Other business skills required in the IT industry
ContentsOutsourced training programs.
Lectures ~ Participate in a mock project to create a system while managing assignments and progress in teams.


An abbreviation of "On the Job Training," you will learn the flow of work while practicing work in the actual workplace.

periodAbout 1-2 years
reach skill
  • Learn the basics of work as a system engineer
ContentsYou will be assigned to the same project as the OJT staff, and will learn the flow of design, testing, progress management, issue management, customer service, etc. while performing actual work.
The content varies depending on the assignment, such as long-term projects and some short-term projects.

Other training

In addition to basic training for inexperienced people, we offer various classes and training.

Short courseOur employees serve as instructors and hold regular training sessions.
・JAVA course
・Flutter course
・English conversation
Other events are held upon request
trainingInviting lecturers from outside to conduct training.
・Management training
・Business design training


Careers as an engineer include:
Generally (in Japan), the position changes from the accumulation of experience to the bottom.

programmerThe main work is detailed design, programming, testing, etc. After gaining experience as a programmer, you will advance your career to a system engineer.
Another option is a super programmer who has advanced skills and specializes in programming.
When specializing in programmers, in addition to programming, we also conduct technical research and architectural design.
System EngineerAlthough we have a wide range of support from requirement definition to operation, basically we will design the system and operation based on the customer's request, convey it to the programmer, and give it shape. I am often involved in programming and operations myself.
Project leaderIt is a job to manage projects, manage issues and progress, and smoothly progress to the goal.
As a point of contact between customers and project members, we also collect requirements, negotiate, and allocate resources.
Depending on the scale, you may also be a system engineer.
Project managerProject manager. Coordination and management are mainly performed to ensure the smooth progress of the entire project, including negotiations with customers, budget management, resource management, and cooperation and coordination with related parties.