We can correspond to various requests such as simple applications, web systems, mobile apps, website construction, etc. We are also putting efforts into research and development of various advanced technologies.

Do you have any problems like this?

  • I want to provide new services by utilizing the Web
  • I want to streamline operations at low costs.
  • I want to transfer an in-house built system into the cloud
  • I want to convert an existing business system into a web application
  • I want to create a mobile app that matches my own service

Footbank Systems system development

Development in a wide range of genres

We have a track record of development in a wide variety of fields such as management systems in various industries, from inventory and sales management to human resources management.

Cloud-based systems

We can build you a system that can be accessed from anywhere by making use of AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

Update or replacement of existing systems

Older systems can compromise security depending on the language they were developed in and operating environment. Please leave it to us to replace or renew such a system.

Flexible system development

Together we can flexibly decide the contents of the system according to your budget and delivery date. Please feel free to contact us if you for example want to start with the minimum configuration.

Please contact us for first time system introduction or small-scale development as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in your daily work or if you do not have experience in introducing systems.

Development examples

  • Sales management system for food wholesaler
  • Human resources management system for staffing agency
  • Sales support system for solar energy business
  • Invoice creation management system
  • POS system for orthopedic clinic
  • Mobile app for health management

In addition to that, we've also been involved in developing companies websites, bringing in various Web-CMS, etc.

Development flow

1. 1. Interview

We will grasp your requests, current issues and problems. We will also analyze the current situation in depth and uncover potential problems.

2. 2. Concept

We will consider the solution from the result of the interview and summarize the solution suitable for the customer's business scale and budget.

3. 3. Suggestions / Quotations

We will submit a proposal/estimate based on STEP 1 ~ 3.

4. Contract

Once a contract agreement has been reached, we will cooperate with creating the system development contract.

5. From requirements specification to design

We define system requirements and clarify the scope of development. After that, the layout of the system as a whole is planned and the detailed design of each function is performed.

6. Production (programming)

We build the system based on the design.

7. Test

We test each of the created functions separately, and then perform an integration test of the entire system. We reproduce the environment in which the customer actually uses it, perform tests according to tests sheets created in advance, check whether there are any problems with the functions and operability, and eliminate defects (bugs). Depending on the system, the customer may then be asked to perform a test in actual operations.

8. Introduction (delivery/inspection)

The client makes a final confirmation about the system. If there is no problem with the contents, we deliver it together with the previously promised deliverables, such as design specification documents, and we thereby complete the delivery and inspection step.

9. Operation/maintenance

We handle system maintenance work, carry out examinations and give advice when problems occur.