Footbank Systems Co., Ltd.
Representative Director Akio Hamada


Utilizing IT technology,
in a world where everyone can have dreams

Each person has a dream and a future he envisions. I think of all of those dreams as valuable and precious, regardless of the success or failure of their realizations. And isn't having them indispensable for the happiness of people?
However, now, not everyone has that feeling. Conflict, poverty, educational disparity, inequality of opportunity, destruction of the natural environment. Culture, politics, social structure... The causes are many, and there are countless problems to be solved.
We want to refine our skills and be involved in confronting and solving those problems.
I want to build a society where everyone can have dreams and hopes in any situation. I would be very happy if you too could contribute to that.


Boyhood (1976-1994)

Born in January 1976 as the eldest son of four siblings in Omiya City, Saitama Prefecture (currently Saitama City).
He moved from Saitama prefecture to Akita prefecture and grew up surrounded by nature. In junior high school he belonged to the kendo club, and in high school to the soccer club. Around that time he began engaging in outdoors activities such as fishing, skin diving, and camping, and is still trying to find time for that even now.
"Family computers" (Nintendo Famicom) were released when he was in elementary school. Inspired by Dragon Quest, he made his own role-playing game with paper and pen. At that time, most homes had a rule of one hour a day for NES, but paper and pen games did not break those rules, so it became a place of relaxation for boys.

One step towards becoming an IT engineer (1994-2003)

After graduating from high school, he entered the university engineering department and learned the basics of information technology.
After graduating from university, he got a job at a medical system development company and was involved in system development and installation at hospitals all over the country. After working for 5 years he left.

Craftsman (2004-2006)

He manufactured furniture at a furniture workshop and also held solo exhibitions in various places.

Design, IT engineer (2007-2012)

After devoting himself to making furniture, he took a leave of absence from the furniture workshop and entered a vocational school to study design. I graduated from school while working as an IT engineer again.

Established G-Free Partners Co., Ltd. (2013-2017)

Re-entered the university's economics department as a bachelor's degree. While working and studying, he made preparations and established a system development company.

Director of Footbank Co., Ltd. (2018-2021)

Became a director of Footbank Co., Ltd.

Established Footbank Systems Co., Ltd. (2020-)

Established Footbank Systems Co., Ltd. in September 2020 and assumed the position of Representative Director. Up to now.