Using IT to solve problems

We will improve your business efficiency and help you create further business opportunities. We aim to provide engineering services that can be realized through thorough interviews, not only for proposals for cutting-edge technology, but also for requests that sometimes cannot be expressed well in words. In addition, we can provide one-stop support from problem solving research proposals, to systemization requirements specification, design to production and system introduction.


1. 1. Data collection for laboratories to aggregate output

Data collected for each region is recorded in a database on the cloud from a mobile device. We support data visualization by analyzing and aggregating the accumulated data and outputting it as a graph or CSV file.

2. 2. Customized POS

We make POS systems for the customers' unique purposes according to business analyses and their requests. We propose and produce highly satisfying systems without changing existing operations by flexibly customizing receipts, details, summary tables, data output etc. from interfaces such as touch panels and screen configurations.

3. 3. Introducing small apps

Rather than reviewing the entire business, we propose and introduce IT only in areas where the corresponding effect is large. We increase work efficiency by semi-automating routine work according to the customer's method.

4. Responding to requests that cannot be met with existing packages

Based on the existing packages in use, we complement the functions that are not supported by them. Looking ahead to the customer's business development, we will update to a system with future potential.

5. Systematization with a low budget using the existing system

Based on the customer's business we realize systemization with a low budget by using existing systems (AWS Lambda, Google Cloud, Google Spreadsheet, Slack, etc.).